Work Activity Center

As the owner of Moore's primary source for news through the Moore Monthly Magazine, I have an obligation to insure the publication is delivered on time and at a high level of quality. On numerous occasions, we have contracted with the Work Activity Center to add inserts inside the publication and promotional stickers on the cover. In every instance, the Work Activity Center provided the requested services on time or sooner, and worked within the parameters of our schedule and logistical needs, sometimes even fulfilling last minute orders.

Brent Wheelbarger, owner, Trifecta Communications

My daughter had tuberous sclerosis complex with developmental delay, autism, and a seizure disorder and also has scoliosis and ulcerative colitis, so things have never been really easy for her. But there must be something really special about your place and your people, both staff and clients! My daughter has an extremely positive attitude about joining you each day. She does not want to miss a day of work even when we had out of town family here for a local stay-cation! She seems to be more meticulous about her responsibilities since starting work, and she also seems happier to us than when she was a student. Thank you for caring so very much for people who face challenges.

Mrs. M. Reyes

We have used the Work Activity Center for multiple affixing and key hand-work projects. In all cases, their work has been accurate and completed in the time promised.

The Oklahoman Direct, Venette Perry

What a wonderful company to do business with. Thank you for preparing my mass mailing packets and sending out on time. I will be doing business with you again!

K&K Multimedia Inc.

Orr Family Farm has had the opportunity to contract for services with the Work Activity Center for the last 6 years. The staff has been great to work with and have also helped with suggestions to improve the job quality. The work has always been completed timely and professionally. We highly recommend the Work Activity Center and capable staff to your organization.


The Work Activity Center has allowed me to grow my business exponentially through the assistance that their staff provides. The flexibility they have shown in meeting my needs is beyond compare. From the beginning, the cost has been economical and the turn around time has been excellent. I have expanded on what I give the Center to do because I know they will do it well and quickly. I am looking forward to many years of working together.

Nickanny's Treasures, CEO, Mathea Ford