Work Activity Center

Growth Through Understanding, Support, Cooperation and Love.

On August 9, 1976, the Work Activity Center, Inc., opened its doors -fulfilling the dreams of many disabled adults, parents, and educators in the Oklahoma City metropolitan area by providing a safe work environment as well as a social outlet for the developmentally disabled. We started with five full-time and three part-time individuals who had developmental disabilities along with two staff members. Since then we have grown to thirty-two individuals ranging in age from 22 - 57 years old. We also have four supervisors and two administrative staff members. Currently, we have 19 clients, and the staff ratio remains the same. We do not receive state or federal funding, and are supported by our contracts , private donations and grants.

We believe everyone needs an opportunity to achieve his or her fullest potential. We recognize that individuals are happier when they are productive and that everyone benefits by contributions through meaningful work. We employ the developmentally disabled utilizing their individual skills to perform a variety of job functions required by our contracts with businesses in Oklahoma City, Moore and Norman. Through these new skills, each individual grows into the new opportunities at their own individual pace.

We are very proud of the accomplishments we have achieved throughout our long history in Moore Oklahoma, and we plan to grow our legacy in years to come -providing employment for our wonderful, special employees. With every new project we undertake, we accept the responsibility of exceeding the expectations of our clients. It is through that philosophy we intend to grow our footprint in the future. Work Activity Center employees are passionate about their work, and are the cornerstone of our success. We pride ourselves on being people of integrity who excel at delivering optimal results. We pursue opportunities for growth by taking our work and processes to new markets, introducing new techniques to regions where we have a presence, and continually improving our services to ensure that our solutions are second-to-none for business repeatability.

Above all, we try to make our work atmosphere both friendly and safe. We have various events throughout the year that build teamwork and brotherhood. We encourage our support families and volunteers to assist with events, projects and new opportunities. With this understanding and cooperation we see our limitations as boundless, and will carry us into the future