Work Activity Center

Connie “Jodi” Gardner

Administrative Assistant

Your first "point of contact" at WAC, whether by phone call or stopping by, will be Connie Jo Gardner (who goes by her nickname, "Jodi"). She is the Administrative Assistant to our Executive Director, and has been with WAC since January 2015. Her career includes over 50+ years of experience. Her compassion for young people with intellectual differences is partly fueled by love for her granddaughter who has non-verbal cerebral palsy. In addition to her clerical skills, she "brings to the table" a heartfelt compassion for our clients and a real desire to see each one succeed at any job to which they are assigned. Jodi is also the Safety Compliance Manager for the work center. Jodi is married to the Executive Board Secretary, Bill Gardner, who is the Pastor of Community Christian Church in Moore, Ok.

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