Work Activity Center

Mark McBride

Board Member

Rep. Mark McBride was elected to the Work Activity Center, Inc. Board of Directors on July 25, 2019. Mark has two grown daughters, two grown sons and six grandchildren; another son was killed in an automobile accident when he was 21. In 2014, he married his beautiful wife Jennifer and welcomed her two sons and daughter into his family. One of their sons is Autistic. In addition to Mark’s local church work, he has been involved in several areas of mission ministry and humanitarian aid. Mark is the Founder and President of Thousand Hills Mission – a non-profit organization dedicated to providing agricultural and veterinary assistance to the people of developing and Third World countries. He has personally led mission teams to remote village areas of Nicaragua and Africa where they help with agricultural, veterinarian and humanitarian aid projects. We look forward to working with Representative McBride, and know that our work center will benefit from his expertise in the area of service to others.

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